Hello TLP friends, participants, supporters, distinguished guests,

and all of the other “formers of the ladder”:

this most recent project meeting for the “Rise.” exhibition was very productive, thank you.

And thank you also for the high level of work submitted to the Rise n’ Shine auction, and for those personal stories behind each of those beautiful works.

we are starting to get into the reasons and emotions behind the
project, creativity and inspiration bubbling to the surface.

we are getting to know each other better. one can
always tell when the Art is going to be good, because the emotions rise up, and
things get scary and wonderful and intimate, personal. That tells me we are on
the right track with this!

There are so many different ways to engage with each other.

It is important that this project continues to become personal to us, that it is something that one can taste and feel. There is so much dissonance in the world right now, people experiencing Scarcity and Lack, pain and anguish as our economies change and adapt to our new science, our new ways of being in the world.

What a wonderful opportunity to “be the change we want to see”. ah, “meaningful work”.

Ci Vit Tecum,