Everybody got their own Ladder to climb.
Nurture the Emergent Paradigm:
Artist Trust’s EDGE Professional Development Program Graduates to Benefit Rise n’ Shine.

The Ladder Project is a philanthropic collaboration between creativity and need, an exercise in positive reciprocity.

this is the spirit of

The Ladder Project:

In helping ourselves “take a step”, we help each other, we help our relationships as well as our community. as we improve, all we touch improves. We learn from each other, and make each other stronger.

That is why we do this. So a few kids that are faced with difficult situations and need some help can receive our efforts.

Still gotta make the climb, there is work involved in life, after all!

It is difficult to “Rise”,  to Stand, to overwhelm our gravity, to imagine a different situation for ourselves when it is outside of our experience…

I like the way Lauren Atkinson (Artist, Arts Corps Coordinator and EDGE graduate) put it, something like:

is an experiment, different from our regular work. It is to try the challenge of
working in a new way. It is an experience that if (one is) open to it, can
revitalize and inform our personal work…

The Ladder Project exhibition “Rise.”

One version of the win-win-win:

Emerging Artists gain visibility as well as professional acumen and introductions to a larger audience.

Artist Trust’s EDGE Professional Development  Program gains visibility as well as some funds to continue offering the invaluable EDGE program to artists.

Seattle Design Center offers clientele a unique cultural opportunity.

Rise ‘n’ Shine receives funds to continue offering support for those who need it.

“Rise.” patrons enjoy the opportunity to support the community, help those in need and purchase vibrant and vital works of art from emerging artists at appropriate prices.


For more on the ideas that led to the creation of TLP:

-check out the article on “positive reciprocity” or

Creativity vs. The Economic Crisis

on the blaHg for resources and more links: http://zalmania.wordpress.com/2009/03/

Enjoy the site and please leave your comments and suggestions.

If you would like to participate in some way with The Ladder Project or the exhibition “Rise.”, subscribe to the blog so you can receive updates on TLP progress and contact:

Zalman Berkowitz



One Response to “TLP”

  1. This is fabulous! I am so excited about the show!
    See you there!

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