Amy Buchheit

Amy-Ellen Trefsger

Andrea Lawson

Betsy Best-Spadaro

Christen Mattix

Craig Alan Huber

Dayton K Knipher

Dorothy McGuinness

Holly Ballard Martz

Jacqui Beck

Joy Hagen

Juli Sipe Cummings

Laura Thorne

Lisa Mei Ling Fong

Mardie Rees

Mary Coss

Maxine Mattson

Molly Magai

Naomi Gray

Pamela Mills

Stan Raucher

Susan Gans

Terra Fine

Victoria Bjorklund

Victoria Raymond

Zalman Berkowitz


4 Responses to “2010 RISE ARTists”

  1. amybuchheit Says:

    Very excited to see all this great work in a format where I can see them together. I’m looking forward to hanging the show on Saturday! 🙂

    1. theladderproject Says:

      Thank you Amy,
      and the rest of the Hang Crew-
      for all of your hard work on that long Saturday. The Gallery is absolutely stellar, NICE WORK!!!!

      1. amybuchheit Says:

        I’m still exhausted and it is worth it! :o)

  2. I can’t wait to see it in person! It looks great in the photo. How fun to see virtually the artwork!

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